Everything for the Love of God

The Practice of the Presence of God by brother Lawrence is one of the most well-known books in Christianity.  Written by, and about, a monk who lived more than 300 years ago – it outlines his own journey of Spiritual formation and growth.

I want to quote it here:

“So, likewise, in his business in the kitchen (to which he naturally had a great aversion), having accustomed himself to do everything there for the love of GOD, and with prayer, upon all occasions, for His grace to do his work well, he had found everything easy”

Business in the Kitchen… everything for the love of God.

To me, this sums up what it means to serve at a YWAM campus like ours in the area of Food Services.  Doing everything for the love of God.  Interacting with the people who come into our Kitchen, people who eat our meals, students who help us prepare meals each day.  Everything for the love of God.

We have a full-time staff of more than 150, and train more than 250 people each year for missions of all kinds in God’s Kingdom.  It’s a veritable army of passionate, spiritually-hungry, devoted and pioneering young people.

Not only are they spiritually hungry, but physically too, they need three meals a day.

Here’s the secret though – It’s not about the food!  It’s about doing everything for the love of God.  That’s the real reason we’re in the kitchen.  We love God and we want others to love Him too.  Whether that’s here in Montana, or one of our Target Nations, we want people themselves to do everything for the Love of God.

The kitchen makes that happen.

Hungry students aren’t able to concentrate on discipleship, biblical studies, dance, sports, etc.  Happily fed students are able to learn about God’s love, so they can tell others.  Happily fed students move our mission forward.

Will you pray about being a part of this with us?

We have some great opportunities here at YWAM Montana to serve our Kitchen.  Opportunities to do everything for the love of God.

We have the following opportunities available:

Kitchen Manager (Administration, Ordering, People Skills)

Shift Managers (Food Prep, People Skills)

Kitchen Help (Food Prep)

Please email us at: personnel@ywammontana.org if you’re interested in becoming part of the team that makes YWAM Montana what it is.

Check out our Staffing Needs page for even more staffing opportunities here at YWAM Montana Lakeside.

Ready to make the jump.

At YWAM Montana-Lakeside, we are all about doing whatever it takes to know God and to make Him known, together! We’d love to help you make that next step in your global missions education. Apply now!

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