Target Nations

In an effort to increase long-term effectiveness in our overseas outreaches and ministry, YWAM Montana-Lakeside adopted the concept of “targeting” back in 1999. We started with four – Ukraine and Thailand and two undisclosed nations – and have since added two more; Taiwan and Cambodia.

We are partnering with YWAM ministries in these nations by coming alongside them in tangible ways to help them fulfill their vision and ministry goals. We do this by building relationships, sending school outreach teams, resources, and missionary member outreach teams to meet specific needs.

Previously, team sending was not limited to only the Target Nations, but as of October 1st, 2014, YWAM Montana-Lakeside has embarked on a season of narrowing our focus for the next five years to sending all of our resources (team sending and personal ministry) first and foremost to our Target Nations. We believe God is leading us to concentrate our efforts more specifically in order to see a greater impact in the Kingdom of God and, together with long-term workers, see more fruit that lasts.

Here is a brief overview of each of our Target Nations with some key statistics and what makes them significant.

The Surge

“The Surge” is a laser-like strategy that will partner with one Target Nation for 3-5 years at a time to meet mutually agreed upon, God-given goals. We may be able to coordinate a Surge in 2-3 different Target Nations at the same time (all at different stages in their Surge timelines) depending on what the goal/strategy is that we are partnering alongside.

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