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From the day we opened our doors in 1985, YWAM Montana joined the international YWAM family in its foundational calling to evangelism, training and mercy ministries. Though deeply committed to all three, training represents a significant part of what we do in Lakeside; not because it is an end in itself but because it is the means by which God prepares us as his people to do his Kingdom work.  We recognize that training is one of the primary vehicles through which those of us who call ourselves disciples not only become more intimately acquainted with the One we have come to love, but it is in this place that we begin to discover how our story fits into the much grander story of God’s redemptive story for all of creation. It is through the process of training/discipleship that we come face to face with the wonder of being called by God to play an integral role in fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel.” Just as Paul instructed Timothy to “teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others,” so we in Lakeside have embraced our calling as a ministry to do the same, doing our part to equip the next generation of “Timothys” so that when their time comes, they will be ready to do the same for their generation.

Biblical Studies

Titus Project

Titus Project is a three month program designed to equip School of Biblical Studies graduates to become teachers and to send them to places in desperate need of Bible teaching. Our goal is to equip the church world wide with tools for studying the Bible for themselves. We target places with limited access to Bible […]

Old Testament Hebrew

Why study Old Testament Hebrew?  Martin Luther asked, “Do you inquire what use there is in learning the languages?  Do you say, ‘We can read the Bible very well in German [Luther’s own native language and the Bible he translated!].’”  He answered, “In the former times the fathers were frequently mistaken, because they were ignorant […]

New Testament Greek

This is a twelve week course which consists of learning New Testament Greek. The student will begin with vocabulary and then move on to grammar; after that the student will focus on translating various passages or books of the New Testament. This course will enrich your present and future studies of the Bible, providing a […]

School of Biblical Studies

As followers of Jesus, we believe in the importance of knowing and understanding the Word of God on a deeper level, and that every individual have that opportunity to learn how to study, discover, and apply the truths of God’s Word to their own lives. The School of Biblical Studies (SBS) is a nine-month course […]

Career Discipleship

Outdoor Ministry Internship

The need for highly trained outdoor guides is higher than it ever has been. Today, more and more organizations (Christian and non-Christian) are starting to see the positive growth that the outdoors can bring to their staff, clients, and students. They just need someone to lead them safely and confidently. Could this be you? When George Mallroy was fundraising […]

Creative Media Internship

The Creative Media internship here at YWAM Montana-Lakeside is for designers and filmmakers who want to come and use their creative skills to serve in a missions context. An intern spends 1-3 months serving in our Creative Media department working on projects from branding, print design, web design and promo film making. We serve not […]

Architecture Internship

The Architecture Internship is designed for students and graduates of architecture programs to apply their passion and training to serve in missions. This internship provides a unique opportunity for these graduates to work in a non-profit setting while earning their professional license. Our intern architects gain invaluable experience by participating in the complete design process […]

Discipleship Training Schools

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Crossroads Discipleship Training School

Is the Crossroads Discipleship Training School for me? CDTS is offered through Mission Builders International (MBI) at YWAM Montana, which is especially designed for adults ages 30 and older who are seeking spiritual renewal, vision, or new direction. This school provides a unique opportunity to know God more intimately, to increase in godly character, and to become […]

Discipleship Training School

Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a two-part discipleship course which serves as an introduction to global missions. During the first phase of a Discipleship Training School students will spend three months in the classroom. Throughout this time they will explore foundational discipleship topics, engage in daily worship and prayer, and spend time developing their skills and passions for […]

Endurance Discipleship Training School

We’re looking for anyone with a passion to serve Christ and a passion for outdoor adventure to be a part of Endurance DTS (EDTS) in this unique avenue of outdoor ministry. EDTS is a five-month discipleship program devoted to knowing God and making Him known throughout the world and within the outdoor industry. During the […]

Secondary Schools

The Well

Worship – Experiential Learning and Leadership The Well is a hands on training and practicum program for worship leaders and musicians who would benefit from opportunities to lead in various settings, both in and outside of YWAM. This program is designed to challenge musicians by moving beyond simple worship sets towards a more integrated worship […]

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Community Development School

Be an agent of transformation in communities around the world, bringing God’s practical love and Kingdom to those in need. The Community Development School is a 6 month secondary training course, that focuses on equipping you to become an effective multiplier of community transformation from a Kingdom of God perspective. Christians have a vital role in facilitating sustainable […]

Audio Production Course

The Audio Production Course takes place in a working studio (Studio 501) and is designed to give the student hands-on experience in producing and engineering music. It is a highly specialized program focused on all technical aspects of sound production. This is a 12 week course that covers 3 main focus areas: Pro Tools 101, […]

Directed Readings in Discipleship

Directed Readings in Discipleship is an investment in yourself so you can make an investment in others later. This course is a directed program designed to broaden and deepen understanding of Discipleship, and its application to an everyday biblically-founded faith-filled Christian life, while inspiring people to continue their own process of discipleship, educating and shaping […]

Directed Readings in Biblical Studies

The Directed Readings in Biblical Studies course is a directed program designed to expose the student to a breadth of historical Biblical interpretation, Church History and Biblical Worldview philosophy. During the course, the student will read a large volume of reference literature from a pre-selected list determined by the course advisor. Application of the material […]

School of Dance Studies

The School of Dance Studies provides students with intense holistic training and study in order to best utilize the gift God has given them.  During the school students will be pushed to their limits physically, mentally, and spiritually. Emphasis is placed on excellence along with strong spiritual foundations. The school begins with a six-month lecture phase […]


Community Development Seminar

The Community Development Seminar provides an introduction to seeing communities transformed towards God’s intentions. The focus is on a Biblical understanding of the root causes of poverty and underdevelopment and the strategies needed to enable people to overcome the hurdles to their community’s transformation. The seminar is the first 4 weeks of the  longer Community Development […]

Old Testament Studies Seminar

Why attend the Old Testament Studies Seminar? This course is designed to give the student who is familiar with the content of the books of the Old Testament the opportunity for advanced study of the Old Testament. This is not an Old Testament Survey. Rather, the course is an analytical study of the Old Testament […]

New Testament Studies Seminar

Why attend the New Testament Studies Seminar? The New Testament Studies Seminar is one of a four-part seminar series offered by SBS International (also available are: Old Testament Studies Seminar, Theology of Paul Seminar and Church History Seminar). This seminar is designed to give SBS graduates and SBS staff a greater depth of proficiency in […]

Theology of Paul Seminar

Why study the writings and theology of the apostle Paul? The subject of the theology of the apostle Paul is far too vast to examine exhaustively in one semester. Thus this course is designed to analyze and interpret the “building blocks,” i.e., the major themes and topics that form the foundation of the Apostle Paul’s […]

Church History Seminar

Why study Church History? Winston Churchill said, “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” The saying applies to politics as well as to the Church. The writer of Ecclesiastes wrote, “There is nothing new under the sun.” No one book or course entitled “Church History” could adequately cover all the […]

DTS Equip

Equip provides a resource-rich environment where DTS leaders and staff are equipped in character, skills and Spirit, so that both DTS students and programs worldwide may benefit and develop according to their individual and corporate callings. We focus on the core of who we are as disciples first. Identity in Christ, what we believe, who we […]

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Over half the population of the world lives under governments that restrict the entry of foreign religious workers. But when missionaries are not welcome, people with nation building skills—such as English teachers—are welcomed. For approximately 60 nations in the world, being a skilled worker is the major means of gaining entry. For 30 nations, it […]

Summer Programs

100 Fold Summer Studio

The 100 Fold Summer Studio is a six-week initiative equipping young professionals and students in service and design. The Studio explores how Christian principles can inform a career in architecture. Speakers from around the country will share their expertise on design, business and world missions. Lectures, small groups and one-on-one mentorship will focus on faith and […]

Summer of Sports

Summer of Sports (SOS) is an outreach training program that uses a variety of team sports as a tool to share the gospel. The YWAM Montana Lakeside Summer of Sports trains athletes physically as well as spiritually and then releases them to use their skills in a foreign nation on outreach. The first few weeks of the […]

Summer of Dance

Summer of Dance (SOD) is an outreach training program that uses dance as a tool to share the gospel. The YWAM Montana Lakeside Summer of Dance trains dancers physically as well as spiritually and then releases them to use their gifts in a foreign nation on outreach. The first few weeks of the program will be spent here in Lakeside, Montana […]

Summer of Music

The Summer of Music (SOM)s a ministry outreach training program, geared towards the musician’s relationship with God and using music in ministry. The YWAM Montana Lakeside Summer of Music trains musicians technically as well as spiritually and then releases them to use their gifts in a foreign nation on outreach. The heart of the SOM is to know God and […]

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